What to buy in Salta?

Crafts in silver, fabric and leather are the typical articles from northern Argentina. In Salta, you can get them in the very crowded fairs, like the one in Balcarce street, the old Railway Station or the Crafts Market. Also remarkable are those being offered inside the MAAM.

Ponchos are typical from Salta. The most exclusive and expensive ones are those made with wool of llama or vicuña, however there are also ponchos of sheep wool and in diverse combinations with synthetic materials. The traditional poncho of Salta combines red and black colors mainly, although a wide assortment of patterns is available. Ask because each one has its own meaning. Also typical are the caps with earmuffs bearing Inca style stripes.

Knitwear uses aguayo, a plant fiber used since the time of the natives, with which handbags,  table dressings, sandals, and various ornaments are made, often combined with alpaca silver, stones, seeds, leather and metals in general.
Of course also typical are the loom fabrics, made with sheep’s or llama’s  wool .

Metal crafts are sought after as well, mainly in silver and alpaca. The most usual objects are pillboxes, pendants, rings, card holders, key chains and a wide range of accesories.

And finally, edibles! Wines from the Calchaquí Valleys and northern candies: candied walnuts, fresh chayote, molasses …Ideal for the sweet tooth!

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