General Alvear Monument

Monumento al General Alvear

Address: Avenida Libertador y la Avenida Alvear. s/n – Recoleta This monument was erected to honor General Alvear for having been essential in the turn out of San Martin’s plan, and for his valuable cooperation when creating the Regiment “Granaderos a Caballo”. He was the Assembly president in 1813, then Director of the United Provinces… Read on

Bust of Pablo Neruda

Address: Av. Libertador y Castilla (dentro de plaza.) – Recoleta It has been erected as a tribute to the Chilean writer Pablo Neruda, an icon of all-times in terms of the most sublime love poetry along Hispanic American literature and history and political prose like the one he sealed with his pen; he left abundant… Read on

General O´Higgins Monument

Monumento a O

Address: Av. Libertador y Castilla (en plaza) – Palermo This monument was made completely in copper by the sculptor Gino Córdova, as a tribute to the outstanding character in Chilean Independence. There is also an image representing Freedom and two bas-reliefs that commemorate the historic Battles of Maipú and Chacabuco.

Monument to the Spaniards

El Monumento a los Españoles fue una donación de la comunidad española por el aniversario de la Revolución de Mayo

Address: Av. Sarmiento y Av. Libertador s/n – Palermo This monument was donated by the Spanish community in Argentina, for the centenary of the May Revolution, in 1910. The fundamental stone was set back then, even though the monument was not inaugurated until 1927. It is completely made of Carrara marble and bronze, constituting an… Read on

Monument to the soldiers fallen in Malvinas

Monumento a los caídos en Malvinas

Address: Plaza San Martín s/n – Retiro It is a cenotaph located in the San Martín Square, a memorial to the fallen soldiers during the Malvinas war, whose rest are not here, but in the cemetery of the islands. This bloody confrontation took place between April the 2nd and the June the 14th of the… Read on

San Martín Monument

José de San Martín encabezó los Ejércitos de la Independencia de Argentina, Chile y Perú

Address: Plaza San Matín s/n – Retiro It is the first equestrian statue erected in the Argentinean Republic. It is a tribute to the Liberator ‘Jose de San Martín’ ridding his mythical horse, on which he made all his deeds in order to obtain the liberation of the people of South America. The statue is… Read on

Tango Monument

Monumento al Tango

Address: Azucena Villaflor y Av. de los Italianos s/n – Puerto Madero Inaugurated in November 22nd, 2007, it is an structure resembling a bandoneon, the instrument that represents this musical genre. Made of stainless steel, it is 3 meters tall and weighs 2 ton. Work conceived by the artists Estela Trebino y Alejandro Coria.

Mural of an old tenement

Mural escenográfico de un conventillo

Address: Almirante Brown 36 – La Boca This mural, opposite to Parque Lezama, is on the façade of an old tenement that only had the front, the balconies, some wooden and metal pieces left. This mural, opposite to Parque Lezama, is found on the facade of an old tenement that only had the front, the… Read on