Patagonia Argentina, June 20, 2018

The Road to Curanto

The Curanto tradition
The road to Curanto
Where to taste it
How is it prepared?

To reach the town we drove through coihues, yellow brooms and chucaos. We left from Bariloche on Route 237 towards Llao-Llao. We turned left at km. 18 and entered the Circuito Chico, away from the sounds of engines. There are other silences..., the historical town is some 6 km. away.

Thrushes and bandurrias were keeping us company, as well as some chimangos.
On the right we found the El Trébol Lagoon. Further up the road, the entrance to Villa Pañil, a place with cabins, beach and fishing.

We drove by Cerro López and Cerro Capilla with imposing rocky walls. On the roadside, a great variety of bushes: berberis, rosa mosqueta and others.
At km. 21.4, if you choose the first access, you turn left towards Colonia Suiza. The second access leads to the Punto Panorámico, from where you can see the Llao-Llao Hotel. Both are dirt roads.
A map and different signs give us information about the area. We keep walking, and suddenly before our eyes, yellow and red tulips with Cerro López in the background, a great scenery.
We went on through a forest with coihues to a farm area. Apple and cherry trees in bloom everywhere; a carpet of petals were blown off by the wind.
We spotted "Casa Grande" built by Félix Goye in 1895. This is the oldest house. We see other houses belonging to Juan Goye and Marcelo Goye. Before entering, on the left side, we see the "Colonia Suiza" that sells fresh and smoked trout. Guided visits are available.