The First Explorers

Lago Nahuel Huapi en Villa La Angostura

It is not certain who discovered Patagonia. Some say it was Americo Vespucio during his expedition in year 1502. However, the man who first spotted the inhabitants in this land, the Patagones, was Ferdinand Magellanin 1520. Elcano, the only survivor from that expedition returned to Patagonia in 1525. He, along with his men, was the… Read on

Father de Agostini

Padre Alberto María de Agostini capturando las primera imágenes de la Patagonia.

This is the profile of one of the last explorers of the Extreme South: Father Alberto María de Agostini. A link between the old explorers and the modern travelers, Father de Agostini is an example of tradition and modernity united in a single person. Like the first explorers he was filled with the spirit of… Read on

Patagonia, the discovery

Patagonia: a word that transports the reader to a magic, fascinating territory. As vast as it is unknown, it is conjured up in our imagination in many different ways. It has always been a land of conquest and colonization, ever since Fernando de Magallanes discovered the Patagonian coast and the Strait that bears his name…. Read on

Travelers and Scientists

El Beagle

Travelers and scientists are a different, special category of explorers. They no longer seek, like their predecessors, for gold or personal wealth. Instead, they are driven by the need of knowledge and the discovery of new species in order to describe the natural world that surrounded them. Frenchman D’Orbigny and later Charles Darwin, the famous… Read on