How to get to Esquel from Buenos Aires?

How to get from Buenos Aires to Esquel? By Coach: Don Otto (connecting in Trelew), Vía Bariloche (connecting in Bariloche), Andesmar and T.A.C. For prices and special offers, contact their websites. Don Otto: In Buenos Aires 54-11-4311-0948. In Esquel 54-2945-453012 Via Bariloche: In Buenos Aires 54-11-4315-3122. In Esquel 54-2945-453528 Andesmar: In Buenos Aires 54-11-4313-3650. In… Read on

How to get to El Chaltén?

El Chalten is located within the Los Glaciares National Park, near El Calafate. Most travelers arrive from that town. But there are also adventurers crossing the steppe to reach the trekking mecca! El Chalten is 220 km. away from El Calafate. The route is completely paved featuring no complications, although sometimes it becomes blocked by… Read on

How to get to El Calafate?

Given the fact that El Calafate is very far from other cities in Argentina, the best option is to fly. Most services depart from Buenos Aires although, according to the season, there are connections to other areas in Patagonia as well. If going by car, then the way is first to Rio Gallegos, along Route… Read on

How to get to Bariloche?

If you wish to visit this magnificent place in the Argentine Patagonia, here’s how to get around. Many means of transportation will take you there: several bus companies connect Bariloche with the whole rest of Argentina and Chile, and regular flights serve different destinations in the country as well as in Brazil and Chile. Besides,… Read on