What to pack for Ushuaia?

Here is the list of essential items to bring with you when visiting Ushuaia

The must carry clothes for Ushuaia are: jacket (both warm and waterproof), cotton sweaters, cotton turtleneck shirts, sweatshirts and several pairs of socks (always take an extra pair when going out on excursions, you might need to change the ones you wear).

Even though the weather is cold most of the year, the lodgings, restaurants and transportation means have very good heating, which is why it is also important to have light clothes. It is recommended to dress “onion style”, in layers.

The footwear that fits best to the province’s terrain are rubber-soled leather shoes, like trekking boots. You should not take leather-soled shoes for the excursions, nor nautical kind of sneakers.

During the winter, you must not forget gloves, a scarf and a warm hat.

It is very important to have (at any time of the year) SUNSCREEN and SUNGLASSES, to avoid burns produced by the sun, the wind and the snow.

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