What to buy in Ushuaia?

Typical products from Ushuaia are sheep woolen knitwear, chocolates and handcrafts made with elements collected at the surrounding forests.

Besides, Ushuaia is a tax free port, and this is why you can get cigarettes and other imported items at a very low price.

There are two free shops on the main street. There are several “homemade” beers; some of them are very good.


Somos tres amigas que viajamos ha Ushuaia en el mes de abril ,tenemos muchos deseos de comocer esa parte de nuestra querida Argentina.Somos docentes jubiladas.Enseñamos muchas veces la frontera Sur de nuestro país a veces con equívoco, esto hace 45 ,años atrás.Fueguinos queridos nos perdonan,supimos corregir a tiempo por suerte,yo era maestra rural ,tenía tan poca información desde 1976 muchos libros eran prohibidos.

Hi ,
just arrived from a cruise in South America ; have visited Ushuaia ; looking for scarf silk and sheep wool seen at the cruise terminal ( local handcraft ) Can you contact me ?

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