El Calafate Estancias in Patagonia

Estancia Helsingfors: a legendary Estancia in Patagonia

From the shores of the Viedma Lake, in the middle of the National Park of the Glaciers, you will find Hostería Helsingfors, a historical ranch (called “estancia”) that now offers an oasis among the glaciers, mountains and forests. Exclusively for travelers with refined tastes.

It is not easy to arrive at Helsingfors. And it is even harder to describe the atmosphere that surrounds this corner of Patagonia. But it is truly impossible to forget the moments that one spends there. For this reason, if you can dedicate a few days to visit the glaciers, you should also spend at least three days in this hostería. You have to travel 180km from El Calafate, first by the route will take you towards El Chaltén and that later passes along Viedma Lake.

HelsingforsThe trip itself is spectacular: you will cross a stream and you will have your path blocked more than once by a passing sheep. Finally, like an oasis in the middle of the desert, the historical home will appear surrounded by Californian Redwoods brought especially by its founder, the Finnish explorer Alfred Ranström.

For all tastes…

Helsingfors, view from the main houseEverything in Helsingfors is designed so that the visitor can forget the noise and disorder of the city: there is no television and the sounds of nature mark every moment of the day, helping the body and the soul to recover the rhythms of the cosmos. The rooms are comfortable, the food is excellent, the wines selected from their own wine cellar and the drinks prepared by the barman are real finds. The dinner, which offers delicious regional gourmet cuisine, is followed by chatting in the living room, where the visitors talk about their days and play board games. Impossible to imagine a better way to relax . . .

The excursions…

Viedma Glacier: Hiking and Boating

Helsingfors, Blue LagoonYou can reach the Viedma Glacier after 40 minutes of sailing from the dock located at the Hostería. From the Zodiac that carries the passengers you will be able to observe the compressed ice that originated the icebergs. Upon disembarking on firm ground you will have the unique experience of entering the caves that form at the border of the glacier.

Azul Lake: Hiking and Horseback riding

Walking or on horseback with the imposing Mount Fitz Roy behind in order to enter the forest typical of Patagonia and the Andes. Later you will find a path marked by snow covered peaks and a frozen river that is the source of the Azul Lake. This is also a spectacular opportunity to observe the local fauna.

Morro Lake: Boating and Fishing

After sailing on Viedma Lake, you will reach Lake Morro, with its crystal clear waters that reflect the emerald green trees that surround the lake. A perfect setting to enjoy the peace and tranquility as well as fishing for trout.

Contact with nature combined with first class services are the trademark of a stay at Helsingfors.

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