El Calafate

What to eat in El Calafate?

As in the rest of Patagonia, lamb is the predominant dish and can be tasted in assorted ways

However you should definitely try the most typical (and delicious!) one: “cordero al asador”. Also typical are choique (a small type of ostrich) and guanaco.

Desserts and pastry are heavily influenced by European recipes and use all sort of fine red fruit that is produced locally. Do not skip trying Calafate fruit specialties; there are tarts, jellies, jams and liquors. Not to be missed!

However El Calafate’s offering grows steadily and includes international cuisine, pizza, fast-food or places to have a drink while staring at the lake…

The top rated places to eat this season at the Glaciers Capital

La Tablita: This is a classic Argentine parrilla (steakhouse) that’s well-known for its delicious grilled meats, including some of the best steaks you can find. The rustic atmosphere adds to the experience. You MUST reserve in advance for this restaurant, even off peak season.

Mi Rancho: A great place for traditional Argentine barbecue. The menu is filled with meaty delights, including ribs and lamb. The service is friendly, and the portions are generous.

La Zaina: This restaurant offers a blend of Argentine and Patagonian cuisine. You can try some regional dishes like lamb or trout, and their extensive wine list is a big plus.

Pura Vida: If you’re in the mood for something a bit different, Pura Vida offers a variety of dishes with international flavors, as well as vegetarian options. The ambiance is cool and inviting.

Don Pichón: This cozy, family-owned restaurant serves hearty Patagonian dishes, like stews and empanadas. It’s a great place to experience regional cuisine.

All these great places to eat are easily reachable from most hotels on foot, as they are centrally located. And in the rare event you are not that close, remember a taxi ride in El Calafate will not cost you too much because it is a small town.

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