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Where to fish in Patagonia?


Fishing modalities, equipment and bait
Some recommendations

Some ideal places for fishing in Patagonia Argentina



The most important lakes for fishing are: Mascardi, Gutiérrez, Roca, Guillelmo, Nahuel Huapi.


Baruzzi Deportes: Pasaje Urquiza 250 Tel. (02944) 424922 Cumbres PatagĂłnicas: Villegas 222 Tel.(02944) 423283 Patricio Bianchi: Campichuelo 1278 Tel. (02944) 427155 NĂĄutica Los Radales: Mitre 660 Tel.(02944) 442379 Estancia FortĂ­n Chacabuco: Ruta 237 Km.1,6 Tel.(02944) 428995 Dillon Fly Shop: Av.Bustillo Km.7.7 Tel.(02944) 462484



Places for fishing: Lagos Låcar, Nonthué, Lolog, Falkner. Permitted modalities: Fly Casting, Spinning and Trolling

Lagos Curruhué Grande, Filo Hua Hum, Hermoso, Meliquina. Modalities: Fly Casting and Spinning Species: Brown trout, Rainbow trout, Fontinalis trout, Perch and Salmón Encerrado


Places for fishing: Lakes Achocaza, Escondido, El Rincón, Hualcupén and creeks. In most cases these locations are in private property and permission must be obtained from the owners.

Species: Rainbow trout , creek trout and perch.


The most popular places are the Río Grande, from the bridge to the Barranca de Allen. Menéndez, Ewan, Fuego, Turbio, de los Onas, Valdéz and Bombilla rivers. Mellizas, Pescado and Hantuk lagoons. Lakes Fagnano and Lakush. There are also private fishing preserves on the Río Grande and Menéndez. The permitted modalities are Spoon or Spinning and Fly or Fly Casting. The number of pieces allowed are one piece per day per person.

Suppliers and fishing guides:

RĂ­o Grande area: Kau Tapen: Estancia la Retranca Tel. (02964) 427194 Quality: Estancia Despedida Tel. (02964) 426701 Juan Lincoman: Estancia La Aurelia Tel.(02964) 422570

Lake Fagnano area: Cabañas Khami: Cabecera Lago Fagnano Tel.(02964) 423031

Lake Yehuin, Indio and Claro rivers area: Yehuin Aventuras: Tel. (02964) 420678

Irigoyen, MalengĂŒena and Leticia rivers area: Dan Pereyra: Tel. (02964) 427487



Fishing permitted at: RĂ­o Santa Cruz (down river, in the Little Fellow spot). Lake Argentino Species: Rainbow trout, lake trout and perch.

Equipment: At all tourist Estancias in the area and Camping Lago Roca, located on the Brazo Rico of Lake Argentino at 51 Km. from the town, rental of the necessary equipment is available.


Places for fishing: Lake Viedma: (Lake, rainbow and brown trouts). Season: 8th. of November to 19th. of April.. Limit of capture: lake trout, no limit. Rainbow and brown trout: two pieces per day per fisherman. Lake San MartĂ­n: (Lake, rainbow and brown trout) Season: All year, but fishing is only permitted starting at 300 m. from the mouths of the rivers flowing into the lake. Limit of capture: Two pieces per fisherman. RĂ­o de las Vueltas: (Brown trout) Season: 8th. of November to 19th. of April.. Note: From its origin at the Lago del Desierto to the confluence with the RĂ­o Toro, the return of the pieces is mandatory. No additional permit is needed and the simple bait must be used. From the confluence with the RĂ­o Toro to its mouth into the Lake Viedma, the daily limit is two pieces per fisherman. RĂ­o La Leona: (Brown and lake trout) Season: 8th. of November to 19th. of April.. Limit of capture: Two pieces per day per fisherman.


Places for fishing:

RĂ­o Rubens (Brown trout) Season: 9th. of November to 20th. Of April. (two pieces per day per fisherman) RĂ­o Coyle (North branch): (Brown and creek trouts) Season: 1st. Of October to 31st. Of March with a daily limit of capture of two pieces per fisherman. RĂ­o Penitente: (Brown trout). Season: 9th. Of November to 20th. Of April (two daily pieces per fisherman maximum)


RĂ­o Jeinimeni: (Brown trout, Perch and atherine) Season: 9th. Of November to the 19th. Of April. Daily limit of two trouts per fisherman. Lake Buenos Aires: (Brown trout, atherine and Perches) Season: all year. After the 19th. Of April fishing is not allowed at less than 300 m. from the mouths of the rivers flowing into the lake. RĂ­o Los Antiguos: (Brown trout, perches and Atherine). Season: 9th. Of November to 19th. Of April. Daily limit of capture is two pieces per fisherman.

RĂ­o Oro: (Rainbow and brown trout). Season: 9th. Of November to the 19th. Of April. Limit: two pieces per day per fisherman.

Lake PueyrredĂłn: (Rainbow and brown trout) Season: all year. After the 19th. Of April fishing is not allowed less than 300 m. from the mouths of the rivers flowing into the lake. Lake Cardiel: (Brown and rainbow trout) Season: 15th. Of November to 30th. Of April. The limit of capture is 5 pieces per fisherman.



Fishing permitted in the majority of lakes, rivers and creeks close to Esquel and all the mountainous area of the Province of Chubut. Fishing is banned in the area of the Wall of the Florentino Ameghino Dam and in the Azul derivador of the Senguer river.

Fishing guides: Silva, José: Tel.(02945) 4553834 Rossi, José: Tel.(02945) 454415 Oszust, Esteban: Tel.(02945) 452069 Landoni, Ricardo: Tel. (02945) 454690 Beale, Miguel: Tel. (02945) 450381 San Martín, Horacio: Tel.(02945) 450836 Muller, Andrés: Tel.(02945) 450576 Graziosi, Patricio: Tel.(02945) 471883 Brand, Diego: Tel. (02945) 453071


Lake Puelo is a fishing center, and the rainbow trout is the specialty, in the trolling (aboard your own boat or hiring one at the harbor), fly or casting modalities. The season extends from the middle of November to mid-April. You need a fishing licence because this area is inside a national park. See Fishing in Patagonia.

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