The main characteristics of the Patagonian climate are: short falls and springs, and long winters. Great thermal amplitude between summer and winter, as well as a substantial temperature difference between day and night.

Please click here in order to access a comprehensive temperature chart according to different regions (and seasons) in Patagonia, expressed in Fahrenheit.

The average winter temperature is -2º. C and summer maximum temperatures can reach 40º C in the Alto Valle del Río Negro area. In Tierra del Fuego temperatures rise to 30º C.

The Andean Patagonia is humid, rainfall exceeds 2,000 mm a year and it gets drier as you approach the Atlantic zone, where the average rainfall is only 200 mm. Tierra del Fuego registers 800 mm a year.

To be able to enjoy the Patagonian landscapes, you can come all year round though the best time is (our) summer, between the months of November and March (this excludes the snow lovers as well as those who do not care about cold but sunny and pristine days!)