Patagonia Argentina, November 19, 2018

Fishing in Patagonia

Fishing modalities, equipment and bait
Some recommendations
Some ideal places for fishing

Some recommendations:

  • It is absolutely forbidden to fish with live bait with the exception of the atherine.

  • Those who have been fishing in areas affected by the Whirling Disease, mainly in the United States and Europe, should carefully wash their wading equipment to avoid the propagation of this disease which is non-existent in Argentina.

  • Underwater fishing in the Andean zone is forbidden as well as trading the fishing produce.

  • The number of pieces allowed varies from province to province, but in general for salmon is 2 a day and for perch and atherine sometimes can be up to 20 pieces. Perch has no limit.

In many cases, fishing is not permitted in the total extension of rivers, lakes or creeks. When you purchase your fishing licence, you will receive the National Parks´s regulations which indicate in detail the available and restricted areas for fishing.