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Cueva de las Manos

The Northwest region through a traveler’s eyes

Ruta 41

Sometimes what we see is so breathtaking and our travel experiences are so overwhelming that it’s not enough to remember alone- we need to share it with the world. This is the view of a traveler, an adventurer, a woman … Continue reading

Route 40, pure adventure

Ruta 40

Route 40 runs alongside the Andes from la Puna until reaching the Glaciers of the South. It is mythical for many reasons. For the solitary stretches it crosses. For the peaks of the Andes that guard the route like centennials. … Continue reading

Route 40: To Cañadón del Río Pinturas and Cueva de las Manos

Cueva de las Manos

In order to get to the Cueva de las Manos you must travel 160 km south. The road is gravel but well-maintained. If you plan to visit either El Chaltén or El Calafate, it is advisable to leave this excursion … Continue reading

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