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Perito Moreno Glacier Tour

This is the most spectacular and unforgettable excursion in  Patagonia.

Perito Moreno Glacier

At the beginning of the tour, you will skirt Bay Redonda of Lake Argentino as well as have the chance to see Solitaire Island.

You will go through the Patagonia valley with its natural environment of species such as guanacos, ostriches, foxes, etc.

Afterwards you will enjoy many interesting spots: Cerro Comision o De Los Elefantes, river Centinela, Cerro Frias (guanacos site), many Patagonian farmhouses and, across the Mitre river you will get into National Park Los Glaciares.

Then, you will go 35 km along the coast of of Lake Argentino’s Rico Branch, among vegetation of incredible trees such as ñires, lengas, notros and cherry trees.

View from Curva de los Suspiros
View of Perito Moreno Glacier from Curva de los Suspiros

At Curva de Los Suspiros you will get the first panoramic view of Glacier Perito Moreno.

An ice cloak, or glacial cap, covers this Protected Area of 600,000 hectares. Among the 356 glaciers, the Perito Moreno is the most outstanding one, having a front of 5 km long and a height of over 60 meters above the level of the water.

Panoramic View from catwalks
Panoramic View from catwalks of Perito Moreno Glacier

Known worldwide because of its process of fractures, the front of the glacier closes the running of the waters of Brazo Rico when it approaches the coast. This produces a kind of pond where the water goes up 20 meters over the level, creating the filtration that ends up in the fracture.

Brazo Rico, the closest point between the glacier and the Magallanes Peninsula
Brazo Rico, the closest point between the glacier and the Magallanes Peninsula

But show is never-ending. You can watch the detachment of ice blocks of different sizes from a short distance, hear the roaring they produce, and then watch them turned into wonderful floating icebergs.

Walking on the glacier’s ice (see Minitrekking) or sailing along Lake Argentino to see the front of other Glaciers like the Upsala, (see Estancia Cristina) are unique experiences.

Walking over the Glacier
Walking over the Glacier – Minitrekking excursion

In 1981 UNESCO declared National Park Los Glaciares a World Heritage Site. It is an unforgettable experience and a must for anyone visiting Argentina.