Patagonia, April 10 2020

Cape Virgenes

Penguins in Cape VĂ­rgenesThe cape is at 133 km on a dirt road.

In 1876, gold mixed with sand and from 1885 the gold fever turned Cape VĂ­rgenes into an urban nucleus but it did not take very long to decline;
hardship and enormous difficulties facing the miners,
returned this scenery to be again a part of the patagonian desert.

Today, the cape is quite an interesting point, we recommend a visit between the months of October and April when it becomes the second largest penguin sanctuary in South America after Punta Tombo (Chubut).

VĂ­rgenes Cape Lighthouse

Each year some 80,000 Magellan penguin mates choose this place for nesting. There is a visitor center and a self-guided interpretation path.

At the extreme south of the continent you will find the Cape VĂ­rgenes Argentine Lighthouse operating since 1904.

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