Information for traveling to Argentina

What is the currency?
Can I rely on atms to withdraw money?

The official currency is the Argentine Peso (ARS).Many shops and restaurants will accept USD/EURO as well.ATMs for withdrawals are readily available in big cities but not in smaller towns, where you may just have a couple of them to rely on. So make sure you always have some cash in advance with you as sometimes credit cards may not be an option either.

About voltage in Argentina

220V – 50Hz. (single phase)380V – 50Hz. (three phase)Plug types: C (Europlug) and I

Will my cellphone work in Argentina?

Frequencies and bands in use across Argentina are:

GSM 850, GSM 1900 (PCS)UMTS B2, B5 (850 / 900 PCS)LTE B4 (1700/2100 AWS 1)

Which is the official language?

It is Spanish, or as most locals call it, “Castellano”. Nevertheless at almost all tourist establishments, restaurants, excursions and the like you will find English speaking staff too.

Which timezone is Argentina?

Despite being a very large country, the whole of Argentina including Patagonia is on one timezone only, which is GMT-3. At present there is no daylight saving time in use.

How to arrive in Patagonia?

To get to Patagonia (argentinian side) you need to first head to Argentina’s capital and main urban center, the city of Buenos Aires. This city is easily reached with daily flights connecting it nonstop to and from many cities in Europe and the Americas.  Once in Buenos Aires there are many daily direct, non-stop flights to all major destinations of Argentina.

Which cities in Patagonia can I fly into?

For tourism from Buenos Aires to Patagonia and within, your best bet is to fly as distances between cities in Argentina are huge. You need to look for flights arriving in either Trelew (REL), Ushuaia (USH), El Calafate (FTE) or Bariloche (BRC). Other important cities in Patagonia (in terms of business and commercial activities) are Comodoro Rivadavia, Río Gallegos and Neuquén.

Public health

Argentina is free of endemic diseases so it is not necessary to receive medical treatments or apply vaccines to enter the country.