About our Company

Our story began in 1999, when we launched the website www.patagonia-argentina.com. The goal was to provide self produced and high quality articles about the mythical Patagonia region regarding its history, geography, people and, of course, its immeasurable beauty.

We were born and raised here, so we had a lot to tell. And this, along with the love for Patagonia professed in each of the articles we lavishly posted, quickly positioned us as the most trusted online information source about this fantastic territory in Argentina.

Then, a growing demand from our readers for tourist advice combined with our deep knowledge about the subject, led us to establish the first online travel agency and DMC (destination management company) specialized in Patagonia Argentina.

Since then we have been offering flexibility and freedom of choice about the destinations, travel times and activities to perform. The finest tourist service providers available in our country are in our roster. In other words, we deliver a bespoke travel experience that surpasses your expectations.

Our biggest asset is our history: more than two decades designing memorable itineraries for worldwide travelers wishing to tour Argentina & Patagonia.

We invite you to read what our clients say and to find out the main 5 reasons to choose us.

Thank you!

Raúl Pappas, CEO