About our Travel Services in Argentina


We strongly believe that going on a trip must be pure pleasure and relaxation. So in Patagonia-Argentina.com Planet Earth The Way It used to be we have selected excellent accommodation alternatives to make your stay in them unforgettable. All hotels have rooms with private bathroom, heating and air conditioning (in warm areas) and provide the traditional Argentine continental breakfast: coffee, tea, milk, cereals, various breads with butter and jam and orange juice. Moreover, among our selected properties, many offer additional amenities such as restaurant, snack bar and relaxation areas, only to name a few. In remote places where there is no TV service, hotels generally have video libraries, libraries and toy libraries available to passengers.

Transfers and Excursions

Shuttle services and tours are conducted in modern vehicles equipped to transport small groups and have all the permits and have passed all the inspections. Depending on the number of passengers or the characteristics of the roads to follow, vehicles used are: truck or van, minibus or even a 4WD. All transports have heating and air conditioning. Drivers are selected by taking into account their knowledge of the roads, especially roads of Patagonia, and their ability to drive in different soil types and slopes.


Our prices are final and include all taxes for the services we provide.