How and what to pack for Argentina?


The moment of packing might be, for many people, a complicated and a stressful one. We offer you a series of useful pieces of advice in order to avoid taking a tranquillizer or asking your entire family to sit on the luggage just to be able to slide the zippers.

Speaking of which, take into account that the maximum baggage weights allowed for domestic flights are 15 kg in the hold of the plane and 5 kg of hand luggage.


The weather is cold most of the year, but you will find the hotels, the restaurants and transports to be quite heated. The 'onion style' clothing is the most advisable method for it will allow you to take off or put on garment depending on where you are. Thus, you should pack a warm jacket and a raincoat, sweaters or turtle necks as well as cotton shirts. Add to all this a good amount of socks (always taking an extra pair before leaving for an excursion) and the kind of footwear that best adapts to the ground. An ideal would be to have some kind of rubber-soled sneakers or trekking shoes and avoiding the ones with leather soles.
During winter, it is important to remember to carry gloves, a scarf and a cap. According to the season and the destinations, if it's summer, you may include some pieces of clothing for the beach.

Despite all these tips, it is always necessary to take sun block and sunglasses no matter the season or time of the year.




Iguazu Falls

The weather in this region is warm to hot. The temperatures in Spring and Autumn tend to be moderate, summer is very hot but it has some periods of nice, warm and dry days.

The appropriate clothes for the excursions is crucial and it includes:
Light clothes during the excursions but without leaving behind a light sweater in Summer and a warm sweater in Winter. You also have to take a waterproof coat or a raincoat, good waterproof shoes or sneakers to make the excursions, they may be rubber boots or semi-trekking footwear.

In order to survive the mosquitoes you have to carry an insect repellent in a small backpack so as to have it at hand during the excursions.




Mendoza and Salta

Winter is characterized by cool days and cold nights. During Spring and Autumn the days are very nice and the nights range from cool to cold. Thus, and given the broad range of temperatures between the mountain and the plateau, it is important to pack according to the season of the year: Sunglasses, sun block and lip balm, hat or cap all the time. For the excursions you can make during the whole year, it is important to take trekking shoes or rubber sole boots and to try to avoid sneakers or shoes with thin soles; these are only suitable for the moments devoted to rest or take a light stroll.
Exercise trousers, since there are horseback riding activities available, water-proof jackets and a warm coat since the nights are cool during summer and they are very cold during winter. During summer you may include a bathing suit and sandals.