Nigel Goddard (United Kingdom)


Now we have returned from our amazing trip to Argentina I would like to express my appreciation for all Fernando's work. The tour was perfectly organised, and was at exactly the right pace for us, not too quick with breaks on travel days. It was great to be able to pick up the arrangements from the cancelled tour in 2020, and to carry the deposit forward. The advice about currency, to take cash US$, saved us a lot of money. We were able to get AR$ by exchanging US$ in many places, hotels, restaurants. travel agent, and once on the street, in Córdoba. It was unusual for us, using cash all the time, but it was a lot cheaper than using credit cards.

Our favourite excursions were:

At Glaciers National Park:
The two excursions to the park were really good. On the first, Perito Moreno and Nautical Safari, the views of the glacier were incredible, from the land and from the lake, including numerous collapses of the glacier wall into the lake, an iceberg inverting and the ice detaching from the lake bed and surfacing.. We were also lucky enough to see a condor quite close. The Gourmet Glacier Experience was one of the best boat trips I have ever been on. The scenery in the Glacier National Park is amazing, the fjords, icebergs, and glaciers that the ship goes very close to.

Punta Tombo Penguin Rookery:
It was fantastic walking through the thousands of penguins, and seeing them so close up, and then massed on the shore. The other part of this tour that we really enjoyed was the extended visit to the MEF in Trelew.

Beagle Channel Navigation:
Another great boat trip up and down the Beagle Channel in Ushuaia, great scenery and close-up wildlife views of birds and seals, including an elephant seal.

I did enjoy all the other excursions, but those were the real highlights.

Of the tour agents in each place, Loya in Bariloche was exceptional, so organised and helpful, as was Emily in Puerto Madryn. They each met us at the hotel and gave us the itinerary and vouchers. The agent in Ushuaia was also very good. Communication with all these agents was excellent, detailed and timely. The agency in El Calafate was not as swift as the others in terms of communication, however all the tours and navigations in El Calafate were very well organised.


Nigel Goddard
Fecha 18/12/2022

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