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Karen Van Wert (United States of America)

Thank you for helping us make a wonderful trip. We totally enjoyed our time in El Calafate and Ushuaia. The staff at both hotels were very pleasant and helpful. They were very tolerant of our poor Spanish. We enjoyed the view from both hotels and although it is was steep climb up the hill, we enjoyed walking into town. In El Calafate we particularly enjoyed time at Lake Argentina watching the birds. In Ushuaia we would have liked more time in the national park to hike and enjoy the beauty of the area. I would like to see the train and visit to the national park on separate days so we could enjoy them more with more free time.

The staff in the office were also very helpful in answering questions throughout the process. I would recommend others to your company.

In Ushuaia we had some difficulty as we were connecting to an Antarctica tour and needed to go to another hotel but we were told we could only use our transfer to go to the airport or the dock. We ended up having to pay for a taxi which was disappointing. The guide who we spoke to when we arrived at our hotel told us that she had never heard of an Antarctica tour starting at a hotel. This caused my husband to question if I had made a mistake and he was very worried. I was proven correct after some double checking. This was the only time of concern on our trip.

Thank you again for a wonderful vacation. We wished we had spent more time in El Calafate!

Karen Van Wert

Karen Van Wert
Fecha 20/12/2016

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