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David Brown (Estados Unidos)

Our family vacation to Argentina actually began as a hunting trip for my hunting buddies and me. The family’s desire to go sightseeing in Argentina came up one night at the dinner table. I was unsure exactly what they wanted to see as I was only familiar with the legendary wing shooting in the northern part of the country and the big game opportunities scattered around the country. I soon discovered my education was sorely lacking.

My wife informed me she wanted to see the four things while we were in country. She wanted to see the waterfalls of Iguazú, the Andes, the Pietro Moreno, and penguins. After a little research we discovered the penguins had already migrated by the time my hunt was scheduled but everything else was available even though it was the off season. For the sightseeing aspect of the trip I first went to the US company that handled the airfare for my hunting group. While they booked the airfare quite efficiently and economically we just could not get together on the touring. They seemed to want us to take their “vacation” not ours. The quoted prices also seemed unusually high. We decided to find a company in Argentina. Our logic was that someone on the ground in Argentina would have more firsthand knowledge of every aspect of our trip. A little searching on the internet for the places we wanted to see sent us to the website of Patagonia-Argentina.com (http://www.patagonia-argentina.com/en/) and into their very capable hands.

We picked some preconfigured tours from the website and sent off a basic “we are interested in” type of e-mail and waited for a response. The first response was made up of questions rather than just a “here is the cost of what you asked for” answer, wanting to know the ages of my daughters, what type of accommodations we were interested in, and so on. I told them the ages and explained we did not plan on using the rooms for anything other than sleeping and a base to tour from. The accommodations needed to be centrally located (food, transportation, shopping, etc.), and safe. After a few more question and answer sessions she sent us an itinerary. It was just about perfect and the price was much, much better than the one the other company sent. A little fine tuning was suggested by my better half and things were all set. We would be in Iguazú for two days at the falls including one full day with a tour guide. Next it was off to the fabled wine region of Mendoza and our tours would include a winery tour and a whole day up into the Andes. Lastly we would be heading south to El Calafate for two full days of touring the glacier. A credit card secured out sightseeing trip and flights and all we had left to do was wait for the start date of the trip. They even sent us a set of vouchers in case of a miscommunication somewhere down the road.

When my family arrived in Argentina they were met at the airport by an English speaking driver who delivered them safe and sound to the hotel while answering all of their questions along the way. I met up with them later that evening after my hunt ended. The whole trip went fabulously. All of our drivers, tour guides, and hotel clerks, spoke English and bent over backwards to help our trip go smoothly. The accommodations were perfect and exactly what we asked for. The tours and flights went off without a hitch and we had a marvelous time. I cannot say enough good things about Patagonia-Argentina. They took great care of us and I will not hesitate to use their services on my next trip to Argentina. If you would like more information and details of the trip I will be posting a detailed travelogue of our trip in the blog section of my website www.safari101book.com .

David Brown
Fecha 26/02/2014

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