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Claudia Cheta and Adi Luchian (Romania)

A BIG THANK YOU for organising our trip, everything went smoothly and we had no incident whatsoever.

The pick-ups from/to airports were always right on time and the guides really nice and also funny people.
The hotel and flight arrangements worked out great, we had absolutely nothing to worry about.

I will speak for myself (although I am pretty sure it was the general consensus) when I say that Calafate was the highlight of the trip and I will also step forward and say it is the most beautiful place I have seen in my life. I will not even go over what a pity it is that we only had so little time there, I think we made the most of it. The horseback riding on Jan 1st left me with the most beautiful scenery one can ask for and with a peacefulness that I miss already (despite the fact that my horse Valentino did not like me at first, eventually we got to become friends..or so I think :) ). I am sorry I cannot remember the name of our guide, the mister who I think owns the business, he was a very nice company and if we can somehow rate his business on a travel site please can you provide it and we would love to do so.
The trip to the Perito Moreno glacier was out of this world. The weather was perfect, we had lots of sun and were able to have a clear picture of the glacier and the mountains behind it. Our guide Cecilia was the BEST, so nice and funny and so well informed, we found out a huge amount of interesting things, she definitely made the trip even more interesting.

Ushuaia was also great, the hotel had the most amazing view of the city and the port. We took a tour to see the penguins and the sea lions, ate the best king crab at Freddy's. The end of the world train and the walk in the park were really enjoyable and also perfectly fit for my child as well.

Up North - we loved the hotel, the pool and the interior garden were really beautiful. The trips to the 2 sides of the cataratas were excellent. Since we had so little time we wanted to spend it doing as much as we possibly could so we took the optional tour with the boat that takes you under the falls - this was definitely one of my favourite moments of the entire vacation and I highly recommnend it for all your clients. We also took the zip line in the jungle which was lots of fun.

I cannot express how much this trip meant for me, for us, and what a huge role the organisation played into it. Thank you again for all the advice you gave us and the recommendations, I hope to someday go back to Argentina and when I do I will not for a moment hesitate to put it all in your hands again, Fernando.

If I would go back, it would definitely be for El Calafate, it is my favourite place on earth! I want to live there - can you arrange that? :):))
The hotel was beyond beautiful, the view from the restaurant and the yard that ends in lake Argentina, with the flamingos and the swans, it is more than you can ask for. The nice and warm livingroom downstairs, the view from our balcony to the lake....I am out of adjectives to describe it. Loved the town as well and Cecilia our guide recommended some great places to eat.

About eating, I am proud of the kilos gained in Argentina, as they come from only exquisite foods: bife de chorizo (I stopped counting them), the lamb..not to mention flan casero and dulce de leche.... I will not even start on your wines...this was a total gastronomic paradise.

Fernando, we must have taken thousands of photos, I have not been through them all already but I do have some nice ones on my phone which I will attach. I will select some from the camera and send them to you and if you wish you can add them to facebook and we can all "like" them :)

Again, all of our appreciation to you and your company for providing us with such great service, we wish you all the best for 2015!

Kind regards,

Claudia Cheta and Adi Luchian
Fecha 10/03/2015

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