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Marpatag cruise: The spirit of the Glaciers

Marpatag cruise: The spirit of the Glaciers

Walls over 50 meters high, thousand-year-old ice of deep blue, majestic icebergs, long Patagonian sunsets that paint the sky in reddish tones, and nights so dark that they allow the Milky Way to be reflected on the surface of the lake. A new ship, the Santa Cruz cruise, offers 44 passengers the privilege of enjoying something different on their stay in El Calafate: sharing the quest for the “Spirit of the Glaciers”.

Marpatag cruise: The spirit of the Glaciers, in detail

Day 1:

The tour leaves from private port La Soledad, Bahía Tranquila, in the area of Puerto Bandera. There, the crew will make the necessary introductions and will provide you with all the information you need about the trip.
Sailing starts around 6.30 PM. A short sail to Alemana Bay, on-board entertainment and dinner make up the first day.

Day 2:

On the following day, after breakfast, passengers disembark in the area of Puesto de Vacas for a short walk. Later, navigation continues towards the Spegazzini Glacier, which shows us all its splendor, the sun shining bright over its tall ice walls. There we have lunch. After lunch the ship sets sail towards the Upsala Glacier. The sight of the first icebergs indicates its proximity. This glacier is one of the greatest and biggest ones in the National Park; it rises to a height of 7 km (4.35 mi). Afterwards, the vessel cruises along the Seno Mayo, where passengers have dinner and overnight in Toro Bay.

Day 3:

After a short sailing passengers disembark for a short walk into the Andean Patagonian forest to a viewpoint from which the Mayo and Negro glaciers are observed. Then, as a finale, the cruise goes to the Perito Moreno Glacier, through the Iceberg Channel. There, very close to the terminus and to the ice slides, passengers will feel unique facing the world's most spectacular glacier and its breathtaking views.

After this, passengers disembark in Puesto Vacas and then set sail back to Puerto Bahía Tranquila, at around 4 PM.

Category 5 ***** Stars:
Crucero Marpatag - Santa Cruz [+info], or similar.
Season: from September 15, 2021 to October 31, 2021

in Single roomAR$ 119400 / USD 1990 / EUR 1830

in Double room (price per person)AR$ 97200 / USD 1620 / EUR 1490

Season: from November 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022

in Single roomAR$ 139800 / USD 2330 / EUR 2143

in Double room (price per person)AR$ 112200 / USD 1870 / EUR 1720

Our prices are final and comprise all transfers, lodging and excursions as detailed in the "Itinerary" and "What's Included?" tabs. Make sure you read them.

It includes

Three days of navigation through Lago Argentino visiting the Upsala (barrier of ice floes), Spegazzini, Mayo and Perito Moreno glaciers.
Two nights on-board in a double cabin with private room and external view.
Landing in Seno Mayo and Puesto de Las Vacas.
Full board service with alcoholic beverages at meals.
Service of non-alcoholic beverages and infusions during navigation.
On-board activities conducted by a bilingual guide (English / Spanish).

It does not include


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