Patagonia Argentina, September 23, 2018

Endangered species

Loro BarranqueroBirds from Rio Negro in El Cóndor Natural Reserve
Man is active, and the consequences of his actions are sometimes constructive and sometimes devastating. Acting in favor of the conservation of areas rich in biodiversity is a significant step to repair damage, and also to preserve our natural heritage.

The Colony of Burrowing Parrots
A group of German researchers has closely studied the evolution of a very important colony of burrowing parrots at the El Cóndor beach, near Viedma, and discovered that its number is dramatically decreasing. One of the reasons is that local authorities do little or nothing to prevent cars from parking right on the beach.

Orca Project
The killer whales belong to the order of the cetaceans, and within this category, to the family of the toothed whales along with the dolphins. These mammals are the biggest ones among the dolphins. They are usually known as Killer Whales due to their hunting method they use in order to feed from elephant seals in the water and in their colonies.

Curiosities on the Whales
¿Did you know that the whales don't form couples but mating groups? Why are the whales the species with the biggest testicles in the animal Kingdom? Why can it be said that whales are giant water filtering machines? What are the formations similar to callosities the whales have on the upper part of their bodies?