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Patagonian Myths & Legends

This is a train hold up!

Train "La Trochita"

The Old Patagonian Express Railway adds yet another attraction to its tourist circuit. On one hot January afternoon, the passengers who had boarded the train looked out their windows and saw a group of men on horseback, with their faces masked … Continue reading

History & legend of the Welsh Cake

Torta Galesa

Welsh cake, despite its name, did not come from Wales. Actually, it constitutes a sign of the strength of the first Welsh settlers who arrived in the Valley of the Chubut river and how they faced the difficulties the environment … Continue reading

Harry Potter in Argentina

Mundial de Quidditch 2014 - Patagonia Argentina

FROM THE CORRIDORS OF HOGWARTS TO THE END OF THE WORLD During last July Patagonia Argentina hosted the World Cup of Quidditch, as published by JK Rowling in the page, which is followed by fans worldwide. On Friday July … Continue reading

The Whirlwind

Mi Patagonia querida

The four elements of life are vital to understand the Mapuche viewpoint. The air symbolizes the force that pushes existence, although there are good winds and bad ones. Here you will find a particular character of their mythology. Meulén in … Continue reading

The City of Caesars: The Abandoned Fort

Vista aérea  del Fuerte

An Argentine foundation is studying the relationship between the rocky plateau known as the Fort and the Knight Templars’ alleged adventures in the American continent with the secret mission of protecting the Holy Grail. A believe-it-or-not story.   At 41º … Continue reading

Nazi Submarines in Caleta de los Loros?

Vista aérea de Caleta de los Loros

Human beings are generally not aware that the world is in movement. But at the feet of present time History continues weaving its web, its myths and legends. National Socialism was a historical reality, but around this reality myths -a … Continue reading

The Nahuelito Enigma

Avistaje del Nessie patagónico

Reality or fiction? A reliable observation or a clever joke? Once again, we are faced with the dilemma of taking sides in a matter that, historically, has generated controversy. Does the aquatic creature known as Nahuelito exist in the Nahuel … Continue reading

The Captain’s Experiment

Canal de Beagle

In these pages we will revisit the unbelievable story of the Yámana aborigine Jemmy Button, who was kidnapped in his town of Cape Horn by the officer of the British Royal Navy, Robert Fitz Roy. Together with other three members … Continue reading

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