Patagonia, September 20 2020
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Salta’s Cathedral

Catedral de Salta

The Cathedral of Salta is one of the most important buildings in the city. Get all the details of its history, its architecture, its images and monuments. On the first day of the foundation of Salta, the building sites for … Continue reading

San Francisco Church

Iglesia de San Francisco - Salta

The church of San Francisco is one of the typical postcard images of Salta. Unmistakable with its high tower and its characteristic colors, important historical events took place within it. When the city was founded, some estates located one block … Continue reading

San Bernardo Convent

Convento de San Bernardo - Salta

San Bernardo Convent is one of the oldest buildings of the city of Salta. It was built during the 16th century. It was initially built as an hermitage for St. Bernardo, Salta’s first patron saint, and it must have been destroyed … Continue reading

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