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Minitrekking on Perito Moreno Glacier

A truly unforgettable experience! On this tour you will discover the unique sensation of walking over the ancient ice.

The tour begins at the Bay Harbor “Bajo de las Sombras”, sited 22 km from The Glaciers National Park entrance and 8 km from the Glacier.

Minitrekking en Glaciar Perito Moreno

There you go on board in order to reach the opposite coast of Peninsula de Magallanes, crossing the Rico Branch of Argentine Lake. The sailing time is about twenty minutes.

View of south wall of Perito Moreno Glacier  - MInitrekking navigation

View of south wall of Perito Moreno Glacier – MInitrekking navigation

Specialized guides take the group (approximately 20 people) along a coast path that leads to the southern margin of the glacier after a 30 minutes trip.

There, helped by experts, metallic nails in shoes are put, necessary to walk on ice.

Before starting Minitrekking - Point of placement crampons

Before starting Minitrekking – Point of placement crampons

Also, the basic technique to use them is explained and a speech about glacier origin, regional flora and fauna is given.
From there, you begin to climb towards the glacier slowly, walking for about two hours, stopping occasionally just to take some pictures.

Starting the hike Minitrekking

Starting the hike Minitrekking

It’s a unique opportunity to appreciate in situ the different formations of the glacier (drains, cracks, etc.) and the varied tonalities of the ice that constitute a show by themselves.

 Cracks and sinks over Perito Moreno Glacier

Cracks and sinks over Perito Moreno Glacier

On the way back, an alternative path is used through the forest, allowing to obtain a different panoramic view of the glacier.

View of the south wall of the glacier Perito Moreno from the forest path

View of the south wall of the glacier Perito Moreno from the forest path

When arriving to the shelter, lunch is eaten and then the group goes aboard to navigate back toward the starting point. During this sailing, approaches to the front wall of the glacier in order to appreciate the real proportion of it are carried out.

Walking over the Glacier

Walking over the Glacier

Some recommendations to have in mind:

Wear trekking boots or sneakers
carry gloves and sunglasses
carry food for lunch (the shelter doesn’t have gastronomic


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