Patagonia Argentina, February 17, 2018

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Carlos Pellegrini: The entrance to Esteros del Iberá

Pellegrini, province of Corrientes, is not just another town bordering the Provincial Route 40. It is the entrance to the fascinating adventure of Esteros del Iberá: a world consisting of quiet waters where you will be surprised by the light sparkles among the rushes, the perfumes and an endless concert of warbles. 

There are innumerable animal species that find their habitat within this reserve. Esteros del Iberá is a refuge for life, an ecosystem in a naturally delicate balance surrounded by a suggestive atmosphere that invites the traveller to submerge in serenity and a peaceful state.

The LodgeA four-day stay, is the minimum recommended time for your spirit to be transported towards the tranquillity of the reserve, a perfect retreat that will allow you to get in close contact with nature through strolls, long walks and several excursions.


Irupé Lodge

The best alternative to make a trip and to get to know this attractive and protected area is staying in the heart of the Esteros. Irupé Lodge, surrounded by a calm atmosphere, with comfortable rustic style rooms offers the possibility of waking up bathed in sun and accompanied by the imposing view of the reserve just right out your window.

Double bedroom It has direct access to the lagoon in addition to a wide range of services offered, and an infrastructure thought to grant you all the necessary comforts to enjoy this reserve.

Thanks to its construction, built on piles, you will enjoy an excellent view of the Iberá lagoon, right where the marshes begin.
Its outdoor restaurant, along with the music and sounds of the swampland accompanying your meal every moment, invites you to lunches and suppers in which there will be varied and exquisite regional dishes to be tasted.

The activities schedule is designed in order to make a progressive discovery of the entire reserve. The environment will unfold dazzling your eyes with its multiple features. The options are:
Tours through the forests, where you will observe several animal species. Motorboat safaris that will take you face to face with alligators and serpents, capybaras and the deer of marshes.
There is also the possibility of doing this safari during the night, thus being able to appreciate the beautiful moon reflected on the aquatic mirrors. Both options include sailing through the channels by motorboat and, later, turning off the engine and rowing. An optional camping in Isla Negra, with outdoor activities, and horse riding until reaching Colonia Carlos Pellegrini.

Toki, the lodge's little donkeyAs mentioned, motorboat safaris also include approaching the lagoons by rowing, thus avoiding the noise made by the engine and allowing the sighting of many animal species. There are horse rides that could be half a day excursions or longer ones taking you to distant estates where there is the option of camping. These excursions do not require any previous riding experience.

In addition to the services, the Lodge has a resto-bar, laundry service and a customized attention dedicated to fulfil your expectations. 
Esteros del Iberá is a tourist pole right next to Iguazú falls, located only 651 km away. Given its proximity, it is a very popular option to visit both locations in the same trip due to the environment correlation between both places.

Do not miss this unique experience right in the heart of the Argentinean North-eastern area, a life refuge reaching out for the lovers of nature and a meeting point conceived to get in touch with your true self and that will leave tracks in your soul.