Patagonia Argentina, June 20, 2018

Curanto: where to taste it

The Curanto tradition
The road to Curanto
Where to taste it
How is it prepared?

We crossed the bridge over the Goye Creek. Several billboards on the road invite us to taste the Curanto.: Curanto at "Lo de Nora", by Emilio Goye, Curantos Victor Goye, "Heidi" Restaurant owned by Hector Goye...some campings are available for your stay in the area.

On Felix Goye street you have the school, a fair that sells regional products and the curanto that is prepared during the summer, "El Fundo" is across the street (restaurant, tea room and a recreation area for children), Abuela Goye ice cream parlor, chocolate shop, crafts and mountain bike rentals.

Further down the street you find the "Los Viejos Colonos" museum, under the guidance of Don Marcelo Goye┬┤s daughter. This is the family house built with lumber from the area. The museum exhibits the history of these immigrants. Inside the same farm, with a great variety of trees and fine fruits, the "Granja Suiza" elaborates craft products.

We chose "Lo de Nora" Restaurant; the hole was already covered with meats and vegetables, they placed the maqui leaves on top and then the wet sacks. Emilio and his son César covered everything with soil. We had to wait. In the meantime, we talked with Emilio Goye, in his eighties. He prefers the barbecues, because he has been preparing curantos since 1939. They adopted this tradition from the mapuche culture, and for them is also a ceremony. The guests waited for two to three hours in the dining room.
Everybody was called to witness the opening. The soil was raked off with care, the sacks and the maqui leaves were removed showing the meats, potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes and apples.
The family prefers the maqui leaves over the nalca leaves because these do not retain the meat juices and do not leave a sour taste.

Everybody entered the dining room and was served:
  1. Potatoes, sweet potatoes and chorizos.
  2. Round of beef and matambre (stuffed meat)
    3) Lamb with pumpkin stuffed with sweet peas.
    4) Pork tenderloin with pumpkin stuffed with corn
    5) Chicken with apple

For dessert, raspberry pie and coffee. Don Emilio sat with the guests telling family anecdotes and experiences of the first settlers that arrived in this valley from the Valais Canton.