Patagonia Argentina, February 17, 2018

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Circuit through the coast

The townOutside the city and taking the old National Route no. 3 you will be able to visit several beaches on the north. Punta Tumba is one of them and the remains of Lieutenant Robert Scholl rest there. This marine used to be a crew member of the Beagle Frigate, commanded by Fitz Roy, who traveled this coast and Tierra del Fuego.

Heading to the north, you will pass by what used to be the Swift Cold Store and the “Los Caracoles” beach (literally, the snails) that as its name indicates, there is a huge number of sea snails. Cabo curioso is only a few kilometers away; it is a beautiful place with crystal-clear waters and broad beaches, local’s favorite ones. In the cliffs you can see the sea fossils printed on the rocks. From there on, there is a new road that borders the cliffs to go to La Lobería, a South American Sea Lion Colony.
The last beach you can visit is La Mina. This place used to be a coal exploitation site and it is highly recommendable for fishing and for the practise of nautical sports and also for enjoying a stress-free day.