Patagonia Argentina, February 20, 2018

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Excursions from Río Gallegos

Punta Loyola

Land-half day

At only 37 km. you will be in Punta Loyola with the Port Presidente Arturo Illía.

Sitting at the entrance of the Río Gallegos estuary, this busy town is the seat of an Argentine Coast Guard Unit. The rests of the Marjorie Green vessel that sank in 1911 trying to enter the Río Gallegos harbor with a load of coal and timber can also be seen.

This is an attractive place for fishing. North of Punta, inside the Gallegos Bay, you will be able to see the Deseada Island, with a colony of migratory magellan penguins, southern seagulls, skúas, imperial cormorants, bandurrias, petrel and albatross. The place is also called Penguin island.