Patagonia Argentina, August 17, 2018

Skiing in La Hoya

In the Province of Chubut, in the very mountain range next to the National Park Los Alerces, the ski center La Hoya is located, only 13 kilometers from the commercial area of Esquel.

Because of its location it has an excellent quality of dust/snow, with 900 hectares of skiing surface. Besides, the snow in the tracks has the guarantee of three high tech artificial snow cannons.

It has 24 tracks and 10 transportation means (4 chairlifts, one from the base of the mountain and 6 dragging ones), distributed to let the tourist enjoy the whole center.

It has a training center for ski and Snowboard, a nursery and also Snow Garden with trainers specialized in children. Besides, this year there will be inaugurated a small cinema and gastronomic spaces.

La Hoya has got all the facilities and services to guarantee perfect winter vacations for all tastes.

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